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Asset Protection Planning

asset-protectionLitigation has become a major concern for clients today. Insurance, when available, has often proven to be an inadequate degree of protection.

Asset protection planning involves the lawful application of a series of techniques to shield assets from future creditors. By making it difficult, or even impossible, to seize your assets, these techniques deter potential creditors from going after you. And if they do go after you, they will be frustrated.

There is a sharp dividing line that you do not want to cross when planning for asset protection. On the one hand, there are various legal methods with strict requirements. On the other hand, there are actions that defraud creditors and are simply illegal, if not criminal.

Unfortunately, with the increased concern about protecting one’s assets, comes an increase in the numbers of questionable operators. They range from outright scams designed to steal your assets, to fast buck artists who sell you the expensive package but leave you unprotected. And if you are not careful, they will leave you open to criminal charges.

However, with proper planning and assistance from the law offices of Gerrard Cox Larsen, your business or estate can be shielded from the threat of litigation and the risk of loss to your assets. We accomplish this security through the proper use of Irrevocable Trusts, Family Limited Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies, Corporations, and Asset Protection Trusts.

Two trusts specifically designed for asset protection are the Offshore Trust and the Domestic “On Shore” Trust. Review them to see if either would be of benefit, then call Gerrard Cox Larsen for a free consultation.

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