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How does the need for Innocent Spouse Relief arise? It begins when spouses file joint tax returns, which they may do for the tax benefits. But, sometimes problems are created. Filing a joint return means both spouses are liable for the tax, as well as any interest and penalties. If the IRS later, often several years later, determines that there is a tax deficiency, the IRS can go after either spouse individually, even if there has been a divorce in the meantime.

For many clients, they were not aware of and had nothing to do with incurring the tax liability. Perhaps a former spouse’s business failed, or the ex-spouse just didn’t pay the taxes that were owed. The IRS collection machine will go after whoever is available and convenient, and is not really concerned with who is at fault. Normally, the IRS considers both spouses of a joint return equally responsible for what is on the tax return.

The IRS created the Innocent Spouse Relief program for those situations where it wouldn’t be fair, under the circumstances, to hold both spouses equally responsible for the joint tax liability. If you meet all of the qualifications, you won’t be held liable for the former or current spouse’s tax liability.

Innocent Spouse relief is one of the more difficult types of relief to receive from the IRS. It is necessary to establish that at the time you signed and filed the joint tax return, you did not know, and had no reason to know, of the improper tax information contained on the return.

And depending upon the situation, there are different types of relief under the Innocent Spouse rules. The rules are complicated as each mechanism has different specific qualifications. If the requirements for one type are not met, you may qualify for one of the other types.

Whatever your situation, we recommend that you obtain help from a skilled Tax Attorney to learn whether you are likely to qualify for Innocent Spouse Relief. If you qualify, we can guide you through the steps necessary for your Innocent Spouse filing.

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Remember, even if Innocent Spouse relief is not right for you, there are other options. Some of our other services include:

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  • Innocent Spouse
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  • Penalty Relief

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