Non-Collectible Status

When You Just Can’t Pay

Many taxpayers are not aware that they may qualify for Non Collectible Status, or Currently Not Collectible (CNC) status. As the name implies, this little known IRS status is for taxpayers who are not able to pay anything on a monthly basis without incurring serious financial difficulty. So serious that even the government will not pursue collection. CNC status buys you time to figure out how to solve the tax liability.

However, your opinion of whether or not you can pay anything is likely very different from the IRS’s opinion of your inability to pay. Using a tax professional to aggressively advocate your position is crucial.

Just as with an Offer in Compromise or an Installment Agreement, you must provide the same financial information by filing Form 433. The difference is that your financial situation is so bleak that even a small monthly payment is not possible.

Keep in mind that while you are in Non Collectible Status, interest will continue to accrue. So at the end of the uncollectible period, you will owe more than before. Nevertheless, CNC status gives you the breathing room you need. And you may remain classified CNC as long as you file future tax returns and pay balances owed on those returns on time, and your income does not increase significantly.

Don’t delay! If a Notice of Intent to Levy has been filed or the IRS has taken other steps to collect, you are at risk of losing your paycheck, having your bank account seized or having other assets taken and sold. You must take immediate action.

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