Gerrard Cox Larsen has the experience and qualifications to assist homeowners, homeowner associations, property/community managers, and developers with all of their legal needs.  We are equipped to provide comprehensive legal services for associations both large and small, ranging from representation in construction defect and other complex litigation matters to resolving minor disputes among community members. We also assist board members and managers to successfully meet their fiduciary obligations and carry out their responsibilities to the association.

HOA Services

  • Review & Analysis of Governing Documents, including Opinion Letters
  • Covenant / Bylaw Drafting and Amendment
  • Interpretation, Enforcement & Defense of Covenants & Association Rules
  • Corporate Governance & General Counsel
  • Developer/Builder Representation & Assistance
  • Financial and Reserve Analysis Assistance
  • Management/Maintenance, Contract Review and Negotiation
  • Construction / Developer Disputes
  • Mediation/Arbitration of Disputes

Homeowner / Property Owner <br>Services

  • Representation of the homeowner in disputes against the HOA rules and regulations
  • Representation of the homeowner against wrongful HOA-initiated foreclosure cases
  • Representation of the homeowner in negotiating a settlement for unpaid or late HOA fees


Gerrard Cox Larsen has extensive knowledge and experience in representing both commercial and residential landlords.  We represent both landlords and tenants in the leasing of commercial office buildings, office space, shopping centers, mixed-use developments, and high-end residential homes.  Our clientele ranges from owners of large scale malls, to regional and local developers, to residential landlords.  Our extensive experience makes our services invaluable to landlords and tenants seeking honest and up to date assistance in navigating the sometimes complex world of commercial leasing.

Commercial / Residential Landlord<br> and Tenant Services

  1. Landlord and Tenant disputes
  2. Lease, sublease, and option to buy issues
  3. Creation of governing documents, including Lease Agreements and Contracts
  4. Review & Analysis of governing documents, including Lease Agreements and Contracts
  5. Professional opinion on terms contained in Lease Agreements and Contracts
  6. Assistance with enforcement of the Lease Agreements
  7. Lockouts and Evictions
  8. Legal representation in General Litigation matters
  9. Legal representation in Construction Defect matters