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Once tax has been assessed, the IRS will eventually take action to collect the tax debt owed, often with disastrous results. Nearly every IRS action has an Appeal process. If you disagree with the IRS action, you may appeal to the local Appeals Office.

However, your grounds for disagreeing must be within the scope of the tax law. Your disagreement cannot be based on moral, political, constitutional, or similar grounds.

The Appeals Office is separate and independent from the local IRS compliance center. The Appeals Office is the only level of appeals within the IRS. In order to set up an appeals conference, you must act with the time frame set out in the 30 day notice.

While the IRS appeals process is designed to reach a fair and impartial resolution to the tax dispute without litigation, sometimes you will still disagree with the result. In that case, you might consider having a court review the action of the IRS.

Appeals can be tricky with various pitfalls along the way. But, when handled correctly, an appeal can help to solve your IRS problems. Appeals are commonly taken after the following types of IRS actions:

  • Audits
  • Assessment of Tax
  • Denial of Installment Agreement
  • Levy Actions
  • Assessment of Trust Fund Recovery Penalty
  • Appeal of Audit findings
  • Payroll Tax Assessments
  • Innocent Spouse

Other actions of the Internal Revenue Service

Never assume an audit or other IRS action is final just because an IRS auditor or compliance officer has made a determination. Just remember, to appeal the determination, there are time deadlines that must be met.

Nevertheless, what many taxpayers don’t know is that there are some appeals available even if the original deadline was missed.

Generally speaking, IRS appeals officers are much more knowledgeable about complex tax issues than rank and file auditors or compliance officers. This is important when negotiating such tax issues. In addition, due to high case loads, appeals officers are encouraged to settle cases rather than have them go to trial.

But if you are not satisfied with the IRS appeals conference result, you often have the right to file a Petition in Tax Court to protest an action of the IRS. We can represent you in each of the steps necessary to Appeal an IRS action.

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