Banking Representation & Creditor Rights

Gerrard Cox & Larsen has extensive experience dealing with issues arising in the banking industry, and in litigating those issues on behalf of banks and other lenders.  Prior to obtaining his law license, lead litigation partner, Douglas Gerrard, also had extensive experience as a bank examiner.  Past and present representative clients include many of the largest national and regional banks.


Gerrard Cox & Larsen regularly litigates collection lawsuits, taking them to judgment, most often on summary judgment where a trial becomes unnecessary.  The firm also routinely conducts asset examinations of judgment debtors to locate assets, and obtains writs for the execution of judgments.

General Litigation

The firm handles the prosecution and defense of cases involving a wide range of issues that affect lenders and other creditors, such as lender liability, fraud by borrowers, guarantor liability, and unfair debt collection practices.

Foreclosures and Repossession

Gerrard Cox & Larsen acts as trustee and directly conducts foreclosures and trustees sales of commercial real estate and raw land.  In order to streamline the residential foreclosure process, the firm interfaces with local title companies and supervises their procedures.  The firm also files actions to repossess automobiles, business equipment, and other hard assets, along with deficiency actions once foreclosure is complete.

Workouts and Forbearance

The firm negotiates and documents workout and forbearance agreements with borrowers, and assists lenders in resolving and compromising outstanding delinquent loans.